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Commercial Landscaping Services – Midland

If you want commercial landscaping services in Midland- we can help you! As a business owner you want your gardens to look their best. Lawn treatment and garden maintenance can be an inconvenience. So why not hire a trustworthy landscape design and garden maintenance business to deal with the general upkeep of your lawns and gardens. Here at Midland Landscaping Company we can create a personalized program for you that will not only enhance your business presence, but will fit your budget as well.

Free Assessment

We can easily assess your business property and successfully recommend a grass treatment or garden maintenance program . We can also supply pest control along with fertilization maintenance plans. We offer services that make the most of the money you invest. Our commercial landscaping service can enhance your business profile. Give the experts from Midland Landscape design a call today to transform your business or office location!

Commercial Services…

  • Weeding.
  • Center Aeration.
  • Disease Control.
  • Fertilization.
  • Development Regulators.
  • Ornamental and Perennial Fertilization.
  • pH Adjustments.
  • Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Command.
  • Dirt Study.
  • Soil Conditioners.
  • Surface-Feeding Insect Management.
  • Plant Fertilization.
  • Turf Facility.
  • Grass Renovation.

Why You Must Hire Midland Landscapers

Landscaping can truly change the overall look of your home or business no matter what the architectural design and structure. Apart from adding curb appeal to an old structure, there are myriads of reasons why property owners opt to hire a professional landscaper. Take a peek at the following benefits:

1. It gives financial benefits – A well landscaped property can attract customers to your business. Spending a few dollars to improve the exterior of your business is an investment that you will be thankful for as it increases the value of your property. It also saves money for other expenses such as advertising, cooling and heating.

2. Protection from extreme weather condition – Trees, shrubs and foliage protect the soil from erosion during heavy downpour. Their roots absorb the water instead of leaving stagnant water in the yard. The trees can block strong winds and water runoff during a heavy storm. The plants provide shade in your home exterior while keeping your body coo during summer. There is no need to turn on the cooling system when the weather is scorching hot or turn on the heating units in the winter.

3. It removes stress – Looking at the beautiful landscape of your business can lessen daily stress levels. Problems are always there, but if you are surrounded with nature, you will truly appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.

4. It makes you physically healthy – Tree canopies filter pollutants that can cause respiratory diseases. The air you breathe is clean as the dust and gas emissions are blocked from entering your business. The outdoors provides a venue for your staff to bond and get some fresh air. The calm environment helps reduce stress levels and encourages physical activity.

5. It fosters relationships – Socialization is important to keep you mentally sane. Entertaining your friends and guest in an attractive garden setting will foster healthy relationships and camaraderie that money cannot buy.

6. It reduces local noise – Hedges and tall trees can minimize noise in the neighborhood. Their leaves muffle the noise instead of directing it to your business. You can ask your landscaper to plant various species of plants that are suitable in your location, weather and soil conditions. The best choice of plants is the key towards attaining pollution-free environment. Black Spruce, Jack Pine and Northern Pine Oak are endemic in Midland, Michigan and they are excellent in noise reduction.

Landscaping is not at all expensive, if you sum up its numerous benefits Installing retaining walls, drainage system, and choosing the planting materials need expertise that only a reliable landscaper can perform.

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